School Picture Days: Please note students in Grade 4-8 will have their pictures taken on Monday, Sept 24th. Grade 9s are scheduled for Tuesday, Sept 25th.

Busing Update: Parents should note that there has been some changes this year with the reorganization of busing routes that happened in June. Unfortunately, this has cause some confusion among along with the fact that any address errors would give incorrect busing assignments. 

The school along with District Officials are working to correct this as quickly as possible. We ask parents if they are not certain of their children's routes based on the maps provided to contact the school immediately so that we can get this resolved.

IMPORTANT: All students who are eligible for busing, are provided a space on one bus route. If as a family you find yourself in a situation where has to take a second bus parents have to apply for a "courtesy seat ride". Please note the school will do what they can to assist however a second seat is not guaranteed. All courtesy seats are to be submitted by Friday, Sept 20th should be directed to the Assistant Principal, Ms.Cox.