New Student Parent/Guardian Orientation

Amalgamated is delighted to welcome all parents/guardians to the school for a information sharing session on Thursday, May 23rd at 7 o'clock in the cafeteria. Please join us if you can and along the way pop in to visit the Annual Art Show happening in the Learning Resource Center.

Grade Nine School Carnival

All Grade 9 parents are reminded that the school leaving carnival is taking place on Friday, May 31 at the school. This is a great inclusionary opportunity for students to relax and have fun celebrating the past number of years together during the regular school day before preparations begin for final exams. So come along, make some lasting memories before heading to high school.

May Newsletter

Please check out the May newsletter here, or you can find all of the newsletters under the parent information tab.

Family Responsibility Zone

For further information please check out the bussing link.